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How This Dude is On His Path to Success in Ecommerce and Real Estate At 27 With Charlie Chang - 18
Charlie Chang is a 27-year old entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Charlie isn't crushing it yet, but he says he's on the path to getting there. Find out his story and what he's doing to reach his entrepreneurship goals.
December 16, 2019
How This Dude Went From Building a Luxury Footwear Brand to Luxury Villas in Europe With Victor Hsu - 17
This week’s interview is with Victor Hsu. Victor is the founder and designer of Facto Shoes, a luxury men’s footwear brand handmade in Europe.
December 1, 2019
How This Dude Generated Over $350k+ and 40,000 Attendees For His Virtual Summits With Eric Yang - 16
Eric puts together virtual summits and does consulting for people who want to do their own. If you are a young wantrepreneur who has no idea what to do - listen to this one. There is so much gold in here.
November 3, 2019
From Accounting Employee to Working with Martial Art Legends Jet Li and Jackie Chan with Alfred Hsing - 15
The life story of a guy who went from accounting job at KPMG to Wushu World Champion to working with martial art legends Jackie Chan and Jet Li. This is an interview with Alfred Hsing who is now an actor and stuntman in Hollywood.
October 27, 2019
Host Of Badass Asian Dudes

I’m an Asian-American entrepreneur, digital nomad (currently based in Seoul), and hopefully future Badass Asian Dude.

Who is Chris
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What People Are Saying

Great podcasts for anyone

"Chris interviews a lot of successful and interesting Asian men but in reality, this podcast is useful for anyone that is growing up and looking to make their place in society. If you are curious about the digital nomad lifestyle, he has interviewed a lot of guys that have made this a reality. Really cool stuff, great job!"


“This podcast is a must listen for any Asian American male. The stories are inspiring and authentic, covering topics ranging from entrepreneurship, culture, and social issues. Chris is an insightful interviewer and a natural at engaging with his guests. 5/5”

Excellent Content

“Chris is great at extracting pertinent conversation points from interviewee’s and giving a new age insight on the millennial Asian male experience. This podcast brings information about start ups and businesses from lionhearted young entrepreneurs. Listen to Asian stereotypes be broken while inspiring others to go after their life pursuits.”

Uplifting Communities of Color

“Chris’s podcasts are phenomenal, and are as inspiring and empowering as they are informing and educating. The community Chris has helped build - over podcasts as well as the BAD FB group - is nothing short of uplifting. It’s full of mentors, and if you’re looking for a space to inspire and BE inspired — this is the place to be.”

Bryan Wangg
Relatable & insightful

“Powerful and inspiring to hear stories from many successful asian men around the world, we need more of this.”

Love it

“Very informative thank you Chris for the easy to consume insights. Makes me feel like I’m sitting on a couch with these BADs hearing their stories and soaking it all in. This is definitely now one of my must listen podcasts for the week.