I’m an Asian-American entrepreneur, digital nomad (currently based in Seoul), and hopefully future Badass Asian Dude.

Life is short, and I want to live a Badass life before my time is up.

What is Badass to me?

Living life on your own terms and doing what you want. Doing cool shit. Being the best at something. Kicking ass and taking names. Crushing life.

Being successful in ALL aspects of life. I’m on my Badass journey, and I hope you join.

Nerdy. Weak. Loser.

Asian male representation in mainstream media is shit. Media is a huge part in shaping culture, and the Asian men in the movies / tv shows that we are exposed to since we are little kids is horrible.

Effeminate, asexual, nerdy losers is how Asian dudes are portrayed. Jin Yang from HBO’s Silicon Valley and Ken Jeong from the Hangover come to mind.

I’m tired of seeing portrayals like this when I know that there is a whole range of awesome Badass Asian Dudes out there in the world.

I want to do my part in spotlighting Badass Asian Dudes and featuring their inspirational stories, actionable advice, and life lessons so I created this podcast.

The Badass Asian Dudes Podcast is a podcast providing the inspiration, tools, and resources to empower and help the next generation of Asian dudes live a Badass life.

What Is Badass Asian Dudes?

Interviews And Stories

Inspirational interviews and life-stories from Badass Asian dudes that are absolutely crushing life: entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, entertainers, etc.
AND Interviews with Asian experts in their fields: researchers, scientists, professionals, and thought-leaders.
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Lessons And Thoughts

A collection of lessons & thoughts on my journey as a Badass Asian Dude in training.
Ranges from things like business, fitness, psychology, relationships, lifestyle, philosophy, self-education, and improving yourself in general.
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Private Community

A private community and place of discussion for Asian brothers to talk about improving themselves and getting to the Badass life they want.
Anything here goes: career, business, dating, fitness, etc.
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10 Second Bio

I am the founder and host of the podcast Badass Asian Dudes.

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My first “business” was in college selling luggage I bought at second-hand stores on eBay.

I started my current ecommerce company when I was 25.

I have lived in cities all over the world like Budapest, Prague, Saigon, Bangkok, Medellin, and a few more.

I have a tattoo on my arm that says the word “CREATE.” It’s about taking control of your life and being 100% responsible for the life that you want. I take this shit seriously.

The book that changed my life was The 4 Hour Work Week. Check out my reading list.

Proud Korean-American - born and raised in Los Angeles.

My favorite city is Seoul.

I try to learn a new skill for 1 hour everyday. Right now I’m learning copywriting.

My favorite food is Korean BBQ, but I eat mostly vegetables 90% of the week.

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